Discount and loyalty cards
to differentiate your account and earn rewards



An application that supports purchasing power

and develops individuals' financial resources

Premium card
Designated for development
Monthly income
Reducing the value of purchases


Excellence card for individuals

When using a “Premium” card
You can reduce
of your purchase value up to 50%
That is, you will save half Cost to get anything

Now is the opportunity to buy a premium card
at a value of 10% of the original value
It is 480 AED
Now only 48 AED

In addition, to activate the balance configuration feature
and the ability to send and receive advertising and posts support in the iwinto app

Copy the card discount code before starting the purchase process


Scan the purchase code

Then You will be eligible for the opportunity to win a special

prize that includes many products such as

real estate - cars - jewelry - electronics - clothing - food

hotels - beauty - electrical appliances and many other products and services

Available on the application

The offer is intended for the preparation phase for launching the application.


If you have any questions

Contact us via WhatsApp

You will be answered directly


You get Premium card important

Because it is necessary to use it with in Iwinto application to activate the most important features

Great to have today with this special offer

Only 10% of its original value

48 AED

With our best wishes to everyone

A great result and a new beginning

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